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1601 Madison Street  Clarksville, TN

What Everyone Is Saying About Us

My wife and I own Wallflower Wedding Photography, of Clarksville, TN and we have photographed numerous weddings at Tanglewood. At all of these weddings we have been impressed with the following:

1) Staff Quality: Time and time again we have been impressed with the professionalism and attentiveness of the Tanglewood staff. You can rest assured that they will take good care of you and your guests and regardless of how stressful your event may get, they have everything under control.

2) Facility: Some of our best images were shot at Tanglewood and for obvious reasons. We also enjoy the reception area and like how they have several different rooms that make up the Main House. Plus, the "Man Cave" is awesome. 

3) Food: We've never had a bad meal at Tanglewood. They recently got a new chef, and the quality of his food upholds their reputation of having some of the best food in Clarksville.

We strongly recommend Tanglewood and our sure you will enjoy your wedding/event there.


- Bill & Shel Keiffer, Wallflower Photography

Many women dream and get excited about planning a wedding. Personally, it’s something that I always dreaded. There were so many things to figure out from vendors, to colors to food, and I had no desire to manage it all. When I landed in Tennessee I stumbled across PSR Events. They took the stress and the headache away from planning the wedding. I’m a bit of an off-beat bride, and Karey and her team really listened to what I wanted and made it happen. Karey happily stepped forward when I needed help on everything from decorations, to decorations to tuxedos. Whenever I needed them, they were there.  For years I was dreading a wedding, and then they took my anxiety away and made my wedding my best day ever. It was freeing to just enjoy my wedding day and know that I was in good hands. I didn’t have to worry about anything except showing up and saying I do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll always be proud of being a Tanglewood Bride.                  

                                                                                            - Dani Wolf, Bride

Words cannot describe what an amazing day the entire staff at Tanglewood created for our wedding. It was really a dream come true. Working with them was effortless and so much fun! Their professionalism, vision, & delightful presence were out of this world. We came from Chicago to get married in Clarksville and I have seen nothing that compares to what they can do. I recommend the venue, staff, food and flowers for any event!


- Cindy Hallums, Bride

They did such an amazing job on my daughters wedding, I love that everything was done in house which made it so much easier to get things done. Everything from the flowers to the food, the staff, everything was excellent. They went above and beyond and met our every need and made sure the wedding was beautiful, I highly recommend them! 


- Kelly Knotts, Mother of Bride

On June 14, we attended a beautiful wedding there. The venue for the ceremony, beneath the canopy of trees, is so very picturesque. Karey and her staff are fabulous and the wedding was enjoyable for our bride & groom, as well as their guests. We loved the ambiance at Tanglewood House. The decor was simple, tasteful & stunning. Floral arrangements were fresh and beautiful. Overall, a definite winner


- Val Ree,

  Wedding Guest

I can't say enough about how pleased we were with our daughter's beautiful wedding at the Tanglewood House. Karey and her staff went above and beyond our wildest expectations in every way. The food was amazing, the flowers were exquisite, the service and attention to every minor detail was unbelievable!!! And all this with the mother of the bride out of state!!! They were in touch with us at every turn, always answering my e-mails immediately! They were so gracious to plan our meetings at times that were convenient for us to travel up to Clarksville. It was wonderful being able to have the catering, flowers, linens, decor, bartending....all in house. And the house itself with the gorgeous lower grounds for the ceremony just made the whole event. I honestly can say that I wish we lived closer and could plan another event at The Tanglewood House!


- Cathy Brown, Mother of Bride

We cannot say enough about Karey and the staff of Tanglewood. From the first visit through our Wedding day, they were on top of everything. There was no detail left undone. The attention the staff gave to our guest was amazing! Karey coordinated everything to the finest detail. We are so happy that we chose this venue to have our Wedding at.


- Darlene Dean, Bride

I had my wedding here and it was amazing. I got so many compliments on how beautiful everything was. The whole staff was amazing, and took the time to pay attention to all the details that we wanted. They took my ideas and made it so much more than I could imagine. We would recommend them to anyone. We are so happy with the way everything turned out.


- Rachel Eddie Jennings, Bride

My daughter Rachel had her dream wedding on Saturday to Garrett. From start to finish everything was great. The staff was nice and saw to all the needs. Food was wonderful and the chef took care of any special request Decorations were unique. We had no worries. There was staff to assist with our request. The place is gorgeous inside and out. Loved having the bridal suite and grooms cabin. After pictures were taken the bridal party was taken to the hideout, so no one could see the bride. They assist with guest that have handicap needs.


- Tina Eddie, Mother of Bride